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Krissy Bryde - President 
About Krissy
Hello! I am the President of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and POLSE, Maryville's social sciences club. Once you're involved, you can't stop I guess so here's a list of three other clubs that I also participate in: Body Pride Team, Maryville University Gay Straight Alliance (MUGSA), and Saints Nation Orientation Team.

I am a senior Psychology/Sociology student from Kansas City - the Missouri side obviously. You know, I had a complicated childhood because I felt as if I didn’t know a person until I knew their favorite color. The only problem was that I had, and still have, a terrible memory so I was in a constant state of fear that I didn’t have any friends. Anyway, my favorite color is green. If I were a kitchen appliance, I would be a spatula because I like to “FLIP” things around… hahha…no? okay. The man, Michael Miller, is my spirit animal. If you're graced with his presence at Maryville University, you should get on the ground and praise the life you’ve been given.

Mark Cohen - Marketing Coordinator 
About Mark
I'm the Marketing Coordinator for CAB but you can just call me Mark for short.

Claire Anglo - Treasurer 
About Claire
Hi! I am the treasurer of CAB. I am a Junior Accounting Student from Valley Park.

Kelsie Eversmeyer - Off Campus Chair 
About Kelsie
Observer of all people and maker of complicated situations. Welcome to my life! I hope you enjoy the view.

4th Year Business Administration Major/Psychology Minor- Emphasis in Marketing and Management
Off-Campus Chair, Campus Activities Board
Coordinator of Saints Nation Team Leaders and Logistics, Department of Student Success

Kayla Yettke - Traditions Chair 
About Kayla
Hey guys! My name is Kayla and I'm a senior business administration major/psychology minor. My goal is to get into event management after I graduate and hopefully work for Disney someday. On that note, I LOVE Disney! I also love almost anything "nerdy" from Doctor Who to Lord of the Rings to Firefly. I'm very involved on campus, especially with Saints Nation (the freshmen orientation team) and Campus Activities Board. My spirit animal is a lemur - specifically a ring-tailed lemur. They just kind of don't really know what they're doing, but they just live their happy little lemur lives. I hope to see y'all at some great CAB events!

Kelly E. Freeman - Weekends Chair 
About Kelly
I'm the committee chair for the weekends committee in CAB, I am also the treasurer for the Respect Life club, and active member of Cats, Ultimate Frisbee, women's club volleyball, community service club, Saints Nation, and more! I am going into my third year at Maryville, where I am studying pre-optometry and plan to someday be an ophthalmologist! My roots are based in Farmington, MO, which is about an hour and a half south of St. Louis.
You can find me running around campus, playing frisbee or volleyball and hanging out with friends grabbing a coffee. My spirit animal would have to be a fennec fox. Look it up.

Jennifer R Susnic - Daytime Chair 
About Jennifer
I'm a senior here at Maryville University and I'm majoring in Forensic Science, concentration in Biology, with a minor in Studio Art. This is my third year in CAB and my second year I will be the Officer Chair for the Daytime Committee of CAB. I've also been in Saints Nation for three years and I'm a member of Step Up, a new organization for the 2014-15 academic year. The last two years I've been a resident of Mouton Hall, but now will be commuting to campus. I'm super excited and eager to see what this year will bring!

Krista Koors - Vice President 
About Krista
Hey everyone! I'm Krista, and I am CAB's Vice President for 2015 - 2016! Last semester, I served as the Comedy Committee Chair, and I was a general board member on the Live Performance committee the semester before. So basically, I love CAB and everyone in it.

I am a second year Cyber Security student. I am also involved in the Saints Nation team and work as a Peer Mentor in the USEM Image, Idol, Icon, and I am also a member of Maryville's Lutheran Student Fellowship. I lived in Potter Hall last year, but now I commute from off-campus apartments.

I love animals, especially dogs and cats, so if you ever need someone to just come hang out with your pets, let me know because I have serious pet withdrawals away from home. I'm also an extreme die-hard Cardinals fan, so if you have an extra ticket, hit me up, and I'll be happy to join you :)

I'm super excited for an amazing year!!!

Melanie Metherd - Live Performance Chair 
About Melanie
I am Melanie Metherd and I am the Live Performance Chair for CAB! I am a junior in the occupational therapy program at Maryville University.

Micki Brinkmann - Films Chair 
About Micki
Hi! My name is Micki Brinkmann! I am the Films Committee Chair this year! I will be planning all of the movies shown on campus this semester with my awesome committee. Last year I was a Traditions committee member which does some awesome events too. Basically all of CAB is awesome!

I am a third year Elementary Education major. I am also the secretary of the Education Club and an officer of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.

I am also am absolutely obsessed with all things Disney, my family and friends, and my two puppies :)

Ally Crust - Advisor 
About Ally
314.529.9388 (office) (email)

Brian Gardner  
About Brian
314.529.9387 (office) (email)

Katie Strubberg  
About Katie
Jeff Henke  
About Jeff
I love playing soccer, using technology, and hanging out.

Brandon M Kattenbraker  
About Brandon
bethany coffey  
About bethany
Just a small town girl
Living in St. Lou
She took the comedy chair position
Just a PT chick
Tryin' to pass all my classes
Hit me up for CAB events

bethany coffey - Comedy Chair 
About bethany
Abigail Anthony  
About Abigail
Shelbi A Nelson  
About Shelbi
physical therapy major! Having been a physical therapy patient for over a year, I'm very passionate about the field. I love art, music, animals, and I'm a Netflix addict. Always open to learning and experiencing new things!

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