Meet the Board


Kelly E. Freeman - President  
About Kelly
Hello! I am the Saints Nation/ Orientation Lead Cooridnator; Campus Activity Board (CAB) president; and project officer in Community Service Club (CSC). I am a senior biology/pre-optometry major. My passion is providing the best experience possible for Maryville students, whether through unique events that create lifelong memories; introducing freshman friends that last a lifetime; or engaging students in civic duty to give back to their community. I am always available to chat and grab a coffee or a play some volleyball. You are encouraged to say hello and call me out if I don't have a smile!

Claire Anglo - Treasurer 
About Claire
Hi! I am the current treasurer of the Campus Activities Board and Financial Management Association. I am also the Vice President of Alumni Relations for the Maryville Accounting Association. I am a Senior Accounting and Financial Services student from Valley Park.

Mark Cohen - Marketing Coordinator 
About Mark
I'm the Marketing Coordinator for CAB but you can just call me Mark for short.

Melanie Metherd - Live Performance Chair 
About Melanie
I am Melanie Metherd and I am the Live Performance Chair for CAB! I am a 4th year in the occupational therapy program at Maryville University.

Katie Strubberg - Comedy Chair 
About Katie
Hello! My name is Katie Strubberg, I'm a second year graphic design major and I'm a strong believe that life is so much better when you're laughing.

bethany coffey  
About bethany
Just a small town girl
Living in St. Lou
She took the daytime chair position
Just a PT chick
Tryin' to pass all my classes
Hit me up for CAB events

Brandon M Kattenbraker - Traditions Chair 
About Brandon
Hey y'all! My name is Brandon Kattenbraker, and here is just a little information about me!
2nd Year Accounting Major with an Emphasis to Pre-Law
New Baden, Illinois ---> Maplewood, Missouri
Tradition's CAB Chair
MSG Historian
Notorious Member
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Show: HTGAWM, Grey's Anatomy, and PLL
Hobby: Shopping
"I'm the life of the party." - Me.

Shelbi A Nelson - Off Campus Chair 
About Shelbi
Third year physical therapy major! Chair of the Off-Campus Committee for Campus Activities Board of Maryville University.

Abigail Anthony - Films Chair 
About Abigail
I'm a 3rd year Occupational Therapy major, from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I'll be the CAB Films Chair for 2016-2017 and I'm SUPER excited about it!!!. I am also on the Maryville Dance Team, Saints Nation, and the planning committee for the Maryville alternative spring break trips. I LOVE football and will listen and sing to any kind of music despite having a horrid singing voice. ITS GONNA BE A GREAT YEAR!!!!!

Brian Gardner  
About Brian
314.529.9387 (office) (email)

Ally Crust - Advisor 
About Ally
314.529.9388 (office) (email)

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