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Notorious is the first and only a cappella group at Maryville University in Saint Louis, founded in January of 2011. Students Alli Dunn and Sam Weimer approached Dr. Peter Henderson, Director of the Music Program, about starting an a cappella group at Maryville. Meanwhile, student Morgan Moll had approached Zach Lewis, Director of Student Involvement, with the same idea. The two faculty members got in touch and connected these ladies. The three girls then recruited Ashley Warmbrodt to be the fourth officer, and their officer roles were determined. These officers got things organized and prepared to hold open auditions to form the group. The first round of auditions were held in March of 2011, and the group of 12 ladies was formed!  The group held its Debut Concert in November of 2011.  Since then, the group has undergone some major changes with the addition of male voices and a vocal percussionist!

Basic Information

It takes hard work and dedication to make beautiful music! We meet for rehearsal at least twice a week, totaling four to five hours a week. It is a lot of hard work, but we love what we do and we have fun doing it! We perform fun, popular arrangements, most of which are arranged by our own members. Our two main events of the year are our Fall and Spring Concerts, which are held in the Maryville University Auditorium. In addition, we also perform at various events both on and off campus!

Audition Information

We hold open auditions at the end of every Fall/Spring semester for the following semester. We welcome all full-time Maryville undergraduate students to audition! In the first round of auditions, we will run through a few vocal exercises and then ask you to sing 30 seconds of a song of your choice (a cappella of course!). If we choose to invite you for a callback, we will then observe how you sing in a group! Our needs vary from year to year, but we always welcome all voice parts and also vocal percussionists to audition! We also sometimes hold small auditions for specific voice parts at the end of the Fall semester due to early graduations or other various reasons. To stay up to date with audition details for the upcoming semester, check the "News" page.