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University Posting Policies

There are many ways to communicate events and activities on campus; the following list contains some of the more popular ways. Please refer to this when deciding how to best publicize your events. The Center for Student Engagement East Room has general posting supplies available for student organization use. There is no cost for these resources although they must be used by student organizations.


Any posters/flyers for student organizations, departmental or administrative offices, or community groups must follow the following guidelines.

  1. All posters must be in good taste and contain no offensive language, or threat of violence. 
  2. All posters must have a sponsorship listed. Those events or activities sponsored by outside organizations are welcome to use only the general posting boards located in the Donius University Center. 
  3. Because of space limitations, there is a limit of 24, 8.5" x 11" or 14" flyers and 10 poster board size posters. 17 of these flyers can be distributed through Residential Life for the residence halls and apartments.
  4. All posters must be stamped by the Center for Student Engagement with a date for removal. When possible, please have the original stamped before making numerous copies. Once the flyers/posters are stamped, the Center for Student Engagement will see to it that the posters are posted on all general bulletin boards. 
  5. Posters/flyers will be approved for a two-week period. Any exceptions must be made by the Director of Student Involvement. The Center for Student Engagement will remove the poster on the stamped date. 
  6. Posters can be hung only in the following areas in the Donius University Center, academic and administration buildings:
    1. Any bulletin board designated as general posting board (most are indicated by the WHAM logo across the top). 
    2. Brick walls 
    3. Tile Walls 
  7. Only masking or scotch tape may be used in posting posters on tile walls. No posting is allowed on any glass surfaces, door frames, or televisions (including hanging off Digital Signs). 


  1. Banners must be approved by the Center for Student Engagement and can be hung for a period of 3-5 days in the DUC Atrium, any grassy areas (Quad) or outside the Residence Halls or Apartments. 
  2. Arrangements should be made through Physical Plant after the space is reserved through the Center for Student Engagement.

Window Painting

The windows of the Donius University Center may be reserved & painted with approved paint which is available in the CSE-East Room.

  1. Any window painting is subject to approval by the Director of Student Involvement. 
  2. Location and time period will be determined at point of reservation (done in the Center for Student Engagement).
  3. When a window is reserved, it is expected that it be painted. Windows cannot be reserved to prevent paintings on the window.
  4. Windows must be cleaned 5 business days prior to Commencement and must remain cleaned through the conclusion of Commencement.
  5. Maryville University reserves the right to remove a window painting at its discretion. 


  1. Sidewalk chalk is available from the Center for Student Engagement. 
  2. No brick surfaces or covered sidewalks should be utilized for chalking. 
  3. Please include the event and the date of the event in the chalking as well as considering the effect of one well planned design over random messages. 
  4. Return unused chalk to the Center for Student Engagement on the day it was checked out. 

Sandwich Boards 

  1. For special events and activities, your organization or department can reserve a sandwich board to use for publicity. 
  2. Please contact the Center for Student Engagement for more information.

Student Announcements

  1. Student announcements are posted regularly on the MyMaryville Portal. 
  2. Submissions should be sent to slife@maryville.edu at least 2 business days prior to the required posting date.
  3. Please indicate in your submission the beginning date and ending date of your announcement.
  4. All attachments with your announcement must be converted to a PDF and if there are multiple attachments, must be combined to be one single attachment before submitting for publication.
  5. All space reservations referenced in announcements must be completed before submitting the announcement.
  6. Announcements are subject to the approval of the Student Life Office.
  7. Should you need further assistance or have questions about weekly announcements, contact Judy Koenig at jkoenig@maryville.edu or at extension 9485.

Any organization, departmental/administrative office or community group which does not follow the above guidelines will be penalized by way of removal of illegally posted materials and the possibility of losing advertising privileges in the future. If you have any questions about these policies or guidelines please contact Brian Gardner, Director of Student Involvement, bgardner@maryville.edu or 314.529.6600.